This insurance indemnifies against your arborist business risks and liabilities, protecting you from injury, damage or loss for you, your workers or others. When it comes to protecting your business and everything that you have worked so hard for, make sure you have the proper protection when your arborists are on the job.

Here are some of the risks you will need to consider:

  • Damage to other people’s property
  • Job-related injury or illness to you or your employees
  • A catastrophic loss resulting from an accident that occurs while going to or from a job site
  • Making sure that you do not lose your business as a result of a personal lawsuit
  • Error and omissions exposure
  • Accidents you or your employees may cause when driving your business vehicle

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General tree trimmer liability gives you a solid, well-rooted level base of financial protection when accidents occur at the job site. It offers protection from common everyday hazards to events that you may never have even considered. The policy states what it will not cover, meaning that it offers coverage for everything else.

PACKAGES (Liability/Property)

We offer packages that are ideal for tree trimmers because they are customizable, which allows you to trim the unnecessary coverage and keep only that which is relevant to your business. It can help absorb the financial impact of injuries to people and property.


Your business depends on the equipment necessary to trim trees. Equipment and tools range from something as monstrous as a tree chipper to a simple blade. A proper insurance policy can protect this equipment if it breaks, is stolen, or vandalized.


Your tree trimming business likely utilizes vehicles to transport both your employees and the equipment necessary to trim trees. Commercial auto insurance can offset the financial ramifications that are often involved with vehicle accidents, which will get your operation up and running in no time.


There may be incidents that occur in which your existing liability falls short. Commercial umbrella provides coverage on top of your existing coverage and provides you with additional benefits once the policies reach their limits.


Hanging many feet in the air and cutting branches can prove to be a dangerous profession. If one of your employees is to injure themselves, your company may be held liable. Workers’ compensation can help provide coverage to their consequent medical bills, missed wages, and even physical therapy if they require it.


Your employees are one of your biggest investments when it comes to the future success of your business. But employees, even prospective ones, can end up costing you money if you don’t have the right policy in place. Sexual harassment, racial discrimination, and other similar issues can negatively impact your business.

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